Friday, March 22, 2013

It' Aint Braggin' If It's True: TAH 14-2 On Thursday

WHAT?!?!? (Harry How/Getty Images)
T.A.H. filled out two official brackets for the 2013 Big Dance.  GP1 picked according to the Vegas line and finished the day 13-3.  GP2 followed the great wisdom that is T.A.H. and went 14-2.

The two losses?  Missouri which we picked out of loyalty to the ACC figuring former Miami coach Frank Haith had caught enough flak for a while.  In retrospect, that was dumb knowing that the Tigers upchucked in last year's tournament when they went out early to Norfolk State.

The other loss?  Harvard over New Mexico.

Don't even try to tell us you saw that coming.

Props to former Dookie Tommy Amaker who outcoached his contemporary, Steve Alford, exacting revenge of sorts for the time Alford's Indiana team beat Amaker and Duke back in the 1987 regional semifinals.

The President went to Harvard, and he didn't pick them.  Hell, Phil's mom didn't pick the Crimson, so don't start.

The third loss in GP1 was Vegas' pick of Pittsburgh over the Shockers. We reversed their call in GP2.

That said, one year not too long ago T.A.H. went 16-0 on the first day of the Dance only to finish far up the track.

Have a great day, and good luck!

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