Monday, March 25, 2013

ACC To Invite Florida Gulf Coast To Join League

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Sources close (geographically) to ACC headquarters swear on a stack of sweat socks that the league is seriously considering inviting Florida Gulf Coast to join the ACC.

“They are the only undefeated team in the history of the NCAA tournament,” said an ACC staffer who did not want to be identified.  The Eagles are making their first trip to the Big Dance and they are 2-0, thus of all the teams that have participated over the years in the NCAA tournament, Florida Gulf Coast is the only one that has never lost a tournament game.

Oh, and they are the first 15 seed to reach the Sweet Sixteen. Add to that thier head coach Andy Enfield sold a major share of the company he co-founded that was valued at $100 million, is married to an ex-Super Model and is the leading NCAA free throw shooter of all time (Johns Hopkins).

“As the ACC looks at expansion,” a source close to ACC Commissioner John Swofford’s neighbor two doors down’s dog walker said, “Either the A(ME)C(M)C or the AC(NMCSV)C* could use a team that has an unblemished dance card.”

FGC has managed to achieve a milestone that none of the iconic basketball powers has achieved.  All the big boys including North Carolina, Duke, UCLA, Indiana and Kentucky have all lost multiple NCAA tournament games.

“I should have quit while I was ahead,” mused Ol’ Roy whose second Kansas Jayhawk team defeated Robert Morris in William’s NCAA debut in 1990.

Williams was then quick to point out that his nemesis Mike Krzdhvb4ski lost his first NCAA tournament game to Eastern Michigan in 1996.

Walking away Williams might have been over heard saying, “Easter Michigan? Really?”

“It’s a unique honor,” a source close to the Gulf coast of Florida told T.A.H. “But, the Eagles do have another game coming up later this week, so the ACCMCSVC or whatever they are calling it now, needs to move along.”

*Atlantic (Mountain East) Coast (Midwest) Conference  or the Atlantic Coast (Northeast, Midwest, Central PA, Shenandoah Valley) Conference.

*Items in italics may not be true.

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