Saturday, February 2, 2013

You Had To See This Coming: ACC Eyeing NYC As ACC Tournament Site

You had to figure with Syracuse, Pitt, Notre Dame and Boston College in the ACC that the league muckity mucks would be scheming on a plan to hold the ACC Tournament in the Big Apple.

We say, all ahead full.  

The tournament, a logical staple of Greensboro, NC when the league was centered in North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland made sense.  With the addition of Georgia and Florida to the mix (and Boston College) it made sense to have the tournament in Tampa and Atlanta although Boston was never in the mix.

But the Big (L)East made a mint in both actual coin and recruiting cred with its’ tournament annually held at Madison Square Garden and the Tobacco Road alliance would be cray not to envy the exposure.  Not to mention it’s New York City.

We have attended the tournament in Greensboro and it has a nice homie feel to it, but it feels a little like a commuter event.  The North Carolinians come and go and dump their tickets when their squad is eliminated.  The lone tournament we attended in Washington D.C. was big fun as everybody from every school but Maryland was all mixed in together with nowhere else to go for four days.  Bar hopping around the Verizon (then MCI) center was like attending various alumni association meetings.

Now a school official has told ESPN that the city that never sleeps is back on the conference’s radar. 
That said, the deadline to bid for the 2016-21 ACC tournaments was in September, and neither Madison Square Garden or the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn submitted a bid. Oops.

Bids were submitted by the usual suspects for the 2016-21 skein including:  Atlanta (Philips Arena), Charlotte, Greensboro, N.C., Tampa, Fla., and Washington D.C. The 2013-15 ACC men's basketball tournaments will be held in Greensboro.

Four cities -- Miami, Orlando, Pittsburgh and Atlanta (Georgia Dome), who all submitted a bid to host a tournament between 2016-21 -- have been eliminated from contention to host because the ACC has chosen to eschew domes in favor of traditional basketball arenas.  Good on the ACC.

Let’s see what happens moving forward...

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