Monday, February 4, 2013

Where We Stand

Eamonn Brennan/ CBB anaylyst: Miami is the real deal. If you didn't realize this was the case already -- which, no offense, would be questionable judgment on your part -- then Saturday's win at NC State ought to be enough to convince you once and for all. The Hurricanes' dominant win over Duke wasn't a fluke, even if the final margin was wider than anyone could have expected. 

Jim Larranaga has three big, effective frontcourt players (Reggie Johnson, Kenny Kadji and Julian Gamble), and the backcourt of Shane Larkin and Durand Scott is as solid as they come. The Hurricanes are playing top-five efficiency defense this season; they're big, strong, athletic, very difficult to beat and quite arguably the ACC favorite the rest of the way.

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