Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Suits In Indianapolis (Formerly Kansas) Admit Missteps In Miami Investigation

LACH (SportsBusinessDaily.com)
Here's how it works. When an assistant coach breaks the rules, the head coach is fired and the team penalized regardless of whether or not the head coach knew about the infractions. Evidently, that's not how it works at the NCAA where VP's get canned while president Mark Emmert glides blissfully along...

ESPN: The NCAA named Jonathan Duncan as interim vice president of enforcement on Monday in the wake of admitted "missteps" and "insufficient oversight" in its investigation of Miami's athletics department.

Duncan will replace Julie Roe Lach, whose firing was reported earlier by Yahoo! Sports.
"Obviously, this is an outcome that nobody wants to see on their watch or anyone else's," NCAA president Mark Emmert said. "This is something that's an embarrassment to the association and our staff."

Despite an earlier report that a source told ESPN's Brett McMurphy that managing director of enforcement Tom Hosty was also fired, Emmert told USA Today that Hosty will remain with the organization.

On Monday, the NCAA released the results of an external probe of how it investigated the Hurricanes, nearly a month after revealing what it called "a very severe issue of improper conduct." That issue was that the attorney for former booster and convicted Ponzi scheme architect Nevin Shapiro was used to improperly obtain information.

Despite admitting that missteps were made, the NCAA said the case against Miami will proceed "with information properly obtained by the enforcement staff."

Firing back for the first time at the long investigation, Miami president Donna Shalala released a statement Monday night saying the Hurricanes "have been wronged" by what she called a flawed probe.

Shalala says Miami wants a swift resolution -- with no additional penalties other than the ones the Hurricanes have already self-imposed, such as two missed bowl games, a missed Atlantic Coast Conference football championship game and scholarship reductions.
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