Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rivalry Week: Curry Brothers Pass Hansbroughs Or Who Even Knew Larry Bird Had A Brother?

STEPHEN CURRY (Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
While Duke needed a 6-0 end-game run and another ACC sanctioned "no call" to slide past Boston College on Sunday night, lost in the outcome of the game was the record set when Seth Curry hit shot three minutes into the second half.

The shot moved him and his brother, Stephen Curry, into first place, as the highest-scoring pair of brothers in the history of college basketball. Stephen scored 2,635 points in his three-year career at Davidson, while Seth now has 1,858 points in his career at Liberty and Duke.

Combined, they now have 4,493 total points, putting them eight in front of Tyler and Ben Hansbrough, who finished with 4,485 career points.

Here's the rest of the top five:
  • Seth (Liberty, Duke) and Stephen Curry (Davidson): 4,493 points
  • Tyler (North Carolina) and Ben (Mississippi State, Notre Dame) Hansbrough: 4,485 points
  • Larry (Indiana State) and Eddie (Indiana State) Bird: 4,405 points
  • Chuck (Auburn) and Wesley (Auburn) Person: 4,377 points
  • Greg (Utah State) and Josh (Utah State) Grant: 4,124 points

"It's a weird little record -- but it's neat when you can do something that involves your family,'' Seth Curry told ESPN last week prior to setting the record.

Plus, he added, grinning: "It's always good to pass a Carolina guy in anything. So it's fun."

Not a a great omen for Tar Heels as they get ready to visit Durham on Wednesday.

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