Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pop Culture: Super Bowl Halftime Show Madonna v. Beyoncé


Here is T.A.H.’s takeaway from the Super Bowl halftime show: The Who really sucked.  After seeing Bruce Springsteen and Beyonce light it up (albeit in different ways) in the recent past, we were reminded just how bad Pete and Roger were a few years back...

See me...Feel me...Get me off the stage.

According to Deadline, Beyoncé pulled in about 100 million U.S. viewers on Sunday evening — a considerable feat, to be sure. But, the number looks a little less impressive when one considers that in 2012, 116 million tuned in to watch Madonna stalk around awkwardly in too-tall stilettos and a cheerleader outfit. 

There are, of course, other factors than Beyoncé's pull at play here: This year's game was slightly didn’t include teams from the New York and Boston media markets, and the 21-6 halftime score may not have helped either.

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