Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Holy Cow, Randy Edsall Makes Sense

(Washington Post)

In late January, the Suites From Indianapolis (Formerly Kansas) approved some rule revisions designed to ease restrictions on recruiting. This was generally seen as progress by a kindler gentler NCAA.

That said, when NCAA football coaches analyzed the new rules they weren’t happy and count Maryland’s Randy Edsall among those seeking to have the new rules overridden for football.  At issue are recruiting coordinators, no restrictions on printed material materials (media guides, etc.) and unlimited communication. 

The gripe is what works for one sport, may not work for football, and it Edsall’s comments make plenty of sense.

“I hate them. I think they were voted in without a lot of insight into what was going on. I know we’re going to try to get them all overridden, so they won’t go into effect. When I was at the Big Ten meetings, all the football coaches were unanimous in that position to work with their presidents and ADs to get them overridden. The same thing when I was on an ACC conference call last week...”

“The one where it says, having someone else doing the recruiting coordination, they’re going to turn this into a pro scouting at the college level, where people are going to hire a director of player personnel, they’re going to hire four or five guys to watch film from every region of the country, then they’re going to have interns come in and do work for them. They’re turning it into a pro scouting department at the college level.”

“Then the one with unlimited calls to kids who are juniors...I’ve got nine full-time coaches. And if that rule goes into effect, they’re going to have to call between 10 and 20 senior prospects every week. Well, then they’re going to be recruiting 25 to probably 35 junior prospects. Well now, they’re going to have to call all those juniors, because if you don’t, then you’re not showing them the love and they’ll get all upset. Now, I’m going to have coaches who will have to call anywhere from 35 to 50 kids during the week while we’re trying to game plan, coach our own players. And then, if each coach wants me to talk to, say, 10 of their guys that week, I’ve got 90 kids I have to talk to.”

“If they don’t override it and it goes into effect, it’ll be the wild, wild West. And then being able to do whatever you want with media guides and printed materials and everything else? There’s only a handful of schools that have all that money that would benefit. I would think that a couple of those, at least there were three major ones that we were looking at, would all get overridden and not go into effect.”

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