Friday, February 8, 2013

Duke Students At It Again...

(Chuck Liddy/Raleigh News & Observer)

Already in trouble for having a frat party with an Asian theme, some Duke students seem determined to stay in the news.

With visiting N.C. State’s point guard Lorenzo Brown injured, the Wolfpack were playing freshmen Tyler Lewis in his place.  Subsequently, it was the young Lewis’ first trip inside the old gym so he was bound to take some good-natured (and typically clever) ribbing.

Thus, the Cameron Crazies proceeded to chant a number of things at Lewis including “Past Your Bedtime” and “Bilbo Baggins.”  However, the one that veered outside the lines was “How’s your grandma?”

Lewis’ grandmother died February 1st. 

Lewis seemed unfazed scoring 13 points while dishing out 6 assists while playing all but one minute of the game.

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