Monday, February 4, 2013

Conspiracy Theory: NFL Pulls Plug On Super Bowl To Avoid Blowout

WELL-TIMED DELAY? (Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images North America)
Every now and then a team shows up at the Super Bowl and, while they think they are prepared and they probably are perfectly well prepared, they just aren’t ready for the pomp and circumstance and the emotion of playing in their sport’s pinnacle game.

Some of those teams lose their composure at this particular moment and get blown out while others stumble and fumble around for part of the first quarter before they right their collective ship and play up to their potential.

The San Francisco 49ers were one of those teams last night negating their first play (a big pass play to former Maryland Terp Vernon Davis) because everybody but the quarterback was lined up on the line of scrimmage. OK, maybe not everybody, but too many…Three and out. You get the picture.

Things didn’t get much better for the men from San Fran trailing 21-6 when Jacoby Jones ran back the opening second half kick-off for a mere 109 yards for a record-breaking touchdown – 28-6.  Suddenly, it looked like the rout was full on…

Then the NFL’s brain trust (you know the ones, the ones that make the rules and then smile and nod when those rules aren’t enforced [see below]), decided to turn out the lights.

Presto-chango the game was delayed 34 minutes and when it resumed the Forty-Niners had regained their composure and proceeded to make a game of it.

After $336 million in renovations to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome since Hurricane Katrina ripped the roof off in 2005, the power goes out?


Well played, NFL.

(Other knowledgeable sources close to the situation [geographically] tell T.A.H. it was Beyonce’s fault.)

*Items in italics may not be true.

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