Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quote Of The Day

(LM Otero/AP Photo/USA Today)

"Some of the rules are more ignored and laughed at than followed.”

And “...focus the rules on those things that are real threats to integrity of sport rather than things that are mostly annoying."

NCAA President Mark Emmert last week talking about plans to rewrite and simplify its often criticized, dense rule book while continuing to hold its membership accountable to core principles.

Among  changes to take effect Aug. 1 will be the elimination of the amount of phone calls and other private communication, such as text messages and through social media, that coaches can have with recruits.

Also gone will be restrictions on sending printed recruiting material to prospects regarding the size and colors of such material. (Really?)

The various changes are said to reduce the cumbersome NCAA rules tome from 500 to a mere 475 pages.

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