Thursday, January 3, 2013

A(MME)CC* Bowl Roll Continues

(Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
The new and greatly expanded  A(MME)CC’s rise to world dominance in college football took another major step forward as the new conference’s darling Louisville knocked off SEC powerhouse Florida in last night’s Sugar Bowl.

Like any good A(MME)CC team, the Cards scored on a pick six on the opening play from scrimmage and never looked back, dominating the obviously overrated Gators.

Back in November A(MME)CC Commissioner John Swofford said, "With its aggressive approach to excellence in every respect, the University of Louisville will enhance our league's culture and commitment to the cornerstones we were founded on 60 years ago. The University of Louisville is an outstanding addition…If you look at what has been done over the last 15 months, the ACC has only gotten stronger with the additions of Louisville, Notre Dame, Pitt and Syracuse."

An unnamed source tells T.A.H. that last night during the Sugar Bowl a high ranking ACC conference official was heard to say “F**k Maryland, no way they beat any team from Florida.”

Then he said something about “student athletes, academic excellence, a golden dome and basketball.”

*Atlantic (Mountain Midwest East) Coast Conference. 

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