Thursday, December 20, 2012

Quote Of The Day

(Nate Shron/Getty Images)

“I think the least thing we can do is to get assault rifles out of the country. (Host: But why use that moment?) Well when are you going to use it? That was a good moment. There were a lot of cameras trained on me, I knew it would get attention, I knew it would get your attention, it was on a couple of other shows today and I'm sure a lot of NRA people are going to be writing me nasty e-mails. I just think we have to speak up. You do, I do, we have national platforms. Do you believe we should have assault rifles in this country? (Host: I believe it should be difficult to get certain weapons.) I think you can get a hand gun, a shotgun, or a rifle. I hunt, I used to hunt and I think you should be able to get all that stuff. You should have better background checks and I just don't think we need 30 clip weapons. I just don't. Let's do something about it. If we can't shame them into doing this then we can't do much within our system."

- Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim on his remarks about gun control at a press conference after his 900th win earlier this week. 

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