Saturday, November 10, 2012

Friday ACC Football Links

By Andrea Adelson |

Consistency marks DeAndre Hopkins' assault on the Clemson record book.

Duke's Chris Tavarez and Big Momma's House 2? Yup, they go together.

Florida State won for itself and the ACC.

Robbie Godhigh is making the most of his opportunity at Georgia Tech.

Maryland is moving up spring practice dates.

Miami receiver Malcolm Lewis does his first interview since he suffered a gruesome injury against Georgia Tech.

North Carolina defensive tackle Sylvester Williams has his NFL draft stock on the rise.

N.C. State receiver Rashard Smith is making plays on offense.

Virginia defensive end Eli Harold is out against Miami.

Virginia Tech has every reason to be elated and deflated. And now, its bowl streak is inserious jeopardy.

N.C. State will have its eye on Wake Forest receiver Michael Campanaro.

ACC injury report for Week 11. 

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