Friday, November 30, 2012

Barber Of The Day

Rob “The Original” Ferrel...he’s the dude who gave the Chavez kid that crazy Johnny Football haircut... Rob is from Los Angeles and now lives in San Antonio, Texas.

Upon moving to San Antonio he aspired to be an artist never imagining himself a barber, but when he combined the two his passion was born.

With his background in drawing combined with his professional barber skills, he has pioneered a new way of looking at your basic haircut.

Hey, he’s not just a barber he’s also a Hair Artist. From simple fades to complex designs and portraits the boundaries of normal barbers do not apply to Rob.

 The Johnny Football haircut takes two hours to complete...Chavez’s was comped by Rob, but it normally carries a $100 price tag.

 Here is a video featuring former North Carolina Tar Heel Danny Green as the subject of one of Rob’s custom cuts.

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