Saturday, November 17, 2012

ACC Football Links

VAD LEE (Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

By Andrea Adelson |

Sean Duggan is back in the middle of things for Boston College.

Clemson's front-line "union" has things under control.

Vad Lee is taking on his hometown Blue Devils.

Florida State's receivers are living up to their playmaking promise.

Georgia Tech kicker Chris Tanner has his chance.

Maryland's Kenneth Tate has no regrets staying in school.

Trick plays are becoming a bigger part of Miami's offense.

North Carolina's defense keyed its win over Virginia.

For N.C. State quarterback Mike Glennon, the best is yet to come.

Mistakes cost Virginia once again.

Must-read: Marcus Davis dedicates the season to the family that saved him

Andy Bitter of The Virginian-Pilot breaks down the matchup between Virginia Tech and Boston College.

Colin Summers has held his own this season on the Wake Forest offensive line.

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