Thursday, September 27, 2012

Williams’ Tumor Benign

The University of North Carolina said Roy Williams' surgically removed kidney tumor was not cancerous, though he will have a biopsy to ensure a second kidney tumor is also benign.
(Nick Latham/Getty Images)
In a news release Tuesday afternoon, the school said tests have determined the tumor removed last week from Williams' right kidney was an oncocytoma, which is a benign growth often indistinguishable from kidney cancer on X-rays that doesn't spread like a cancerous tumor would.

Williams also has a tumor on his left kidney, but according to the school, doctors say there is ''a good chance'' that growth is the same as the one removed Sept. 19. Doctors plan to biopsy that tumor next week and won't have to perform a second surgery if the tumor is also an oncocytoma.

In a statement, Williams thanked the medical staff who treated him and said he was ''overwhelmed'' by the messages of support he had received since the surgery.

''I've just been blown away by the calls, cards, prayers and well-wishes from people all around the world in and out of the basketball community,'' Williams said. ''My family and I are thankful to all that have expressed your concerns.''

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