Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wahoos Back Where They Belong

(Baltimore Sun file photo)
Many years ago (rotary phones), Playboy magazine published a poll of the biggest party schools in the good old U.S. of A.  But, like Ralph Sampson and George Welsh, that was back in the day…

Over the years, The University (as they so affectionately refer to themselves) slipped as upstart schools seemed to suddenly be drinking more, winning more, and according to Playboy, having more sex.

Thankfully, all is well in our universe, as UVA has risen back to the top of Playboy’s annual ranking.

Not surprisingly the adult entertainment company reached its decision by looking at students' sex lives as well as university nightlife combined with the overall quality of their sports programs.

On its website Playboy said: "Raise a glass to UVA [University of Virginia], whose students know a thing or two about raising glasses and everything important to this list. The Cavaliers placed an uninspiring 16th in sports but more than made up for it in nightlife and sex, finishing number three and number two, respectively. According to our math, two plus three equals one."

The University of Southern California came in second in the list with the University of Florida claiming the third place spot.

The winners who are named in the special October College edition of Playboy were chosen by the magazine's editors, based on feedback from readers, students, alumni and campus representatives.

They also looked at factors like male-female ratios on campus, academics, athletic records and proximity to recreational hot spots.

However, according to NBC News, while students may have been delighted with the result, officials at the 200-year-old Virginia university were not so pleased.

A spokesman for the college said: “We are demanding a recount. It’s far more important for the university to be known for our academic achievements in teaching and research.”

All of that said, one might wonder which school came in last: State University of New York College of Environmental Science of Forestry (Mighty Oaks, 2,200 students, Syracuse, NY)

    2. Southern California (Mascot named after a condom)
    3. University of Florida (Mascot named after a weird dance)
    4. University of Texas (Longhorn...Long? Horn? Get it?)
    5. University of Wisconsin (Hmmm...well, it's really cold, so...)
    6. University of Georgia (R.E.M. still has an impact)
    7. Vanderbilt (Nashville! October 3rd, ABC)
    8. Tulane (It's in New Orleans for crying out loud)
    9. Texas Christian (Horny Horned Frogs)
   10. Ohio State (Beating Michigan at everything)

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