Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Coach K Happy? Really?

(Isaac Brekken/AP Photo)

Dan Wolken in The Daily wrote a piece about Mike Krzyzewski and his more relaxed and casual attitude as the head coach of U.S.A. Basketball…Here’s an excerpt:

Krzyzewski proponents — mainly Duke fans and Dick Vitale — often wonder why anti-Duke sentiment is so pervasive. But it’s really not hard to figure out. It’s the winning, yes, but it’s also the floor-slapping and the flopping and the belief that no visiting team has gotten a call in Cameron since 1981. It’s the fact that everything about Duke’s program screams “We’re better than you!” That starts with Coach K, and it’s very real.

But the USA Basketball version of Coach K almost seems like a different person. He’s not trying to intimidate or control everything, he’s just coaching, and he seems happy to do it. He’s chatty, unpretentious, accessible. He’s as likeable in this setting as he is often unlikeable at Duke.

After talking to two sources who know Krzyzewski well, a couple theories have emerged. At Duke, everything revolves around Krzyzewski, and the mystique creates order in his universe. But what works in his favor on a college campus doesn’t resonate in this setting, especially coaching a team full of NBA All-Stars. This experience is so much bigger than he is, something he understands.

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