Thursday, May 3, 2012

T.A.H. Stalwart Goes For Gold Saturday

Founding member of the Society for the Appreciation of T.A.H. and exalted member of T.A.H.’s “CC Nation,” Dr. A.C. Wahoo Griffin, Jr. is looking to win Saturday’s $75,000 Virginia Gold Cup with his horse Aero.  Happily for Aero, Griffin will not be riding.  That chore will be handled by veteran steeplechase jockey Jeff Murphy.
AERO (left) (Photo by Douglas Lees)
Aero finished second in the Middleburg Hunt Cup two weeks ago.  Last fall he scored a sparkling victory in the National Sporting Museum Chronicle Cup at the Virginia Fall Races in Middleburg.  Aero then finished second in the Virginia Gold Cup’s little sister race the International Gold Cup.

Suffice to say, he knows his way around the Great Meadow racecourse. 

Now the bad news is Aero, our CC Nation “Pick Of The Day,” faces Bubble Economy who is looking for his third Virginia Gold Cup victory.  The field also includes Incomplete who won the important Gold Cup prep race, the My Lady’s Manor, where he defeated a quality field including Bubble Economy (2nd).  

That said, it’s a long race at some four miles over something like 300 immovable post and rail fences....OK, we’re exaggerating, it’s only 23 fences, but after the first three miles if feels like anything can happen.


To see all the entries for the 87th running of the Virginia Gold Cup, click here.

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