Wednesday, April 4, 2012

UNC’s Smith And Gutheridge: Coaching Lives Shared

(Bob Rosato/Sports Illustrated)
Dean Smith and Bill Guthridge have known each other most of their lives. They grew up not too far apart from one another in Kansas and Smith once dated Gutheridge’s sister.

In 1967, Smith invited Guthridge to join him in Chapel Hill where the two spent their remaining basketball careers together.  They won National Championships in 1982 and 1993, and even after Smith retired in 1997, the two remained very close.

“He was still the head coach, as (far as) he and I were concerned,” Guthridge said.

And even though Gutheridge was offered jobs at places like Arkansas and Penn State, he never left Smith and the Tar Heels.

Now, at 75, Guthridge maintains an office in the Smith Center (as does Smith) and visits with this old friend for an hour three days a week.  Unfortunately, the two old comrades can’t reminisce about the good old days as Smith’s dementia has taken so many of those memories.

Andrew Carter of the Raleigh News & Observer wrote about these two fixtures of ACC basketball history last Sunday.

To read the story, click here.

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