Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Rules: The Suits In Indianapolis (Formerly Kansas) Are At It Again

If you thought N.C. State star C.J. Leslie had until midnight tonight to declare if he was staying in school or leaving early for the NBA, like us, you’d be wrong.

The NBA’s early eligibility declaration deadline is April 28 -- almost three weeks after the NCAA’s deadline of April 10.


Yesterday, Leslie said “I’m not stressing about it, whatever I decide to do is going to be whatever I decide to do,” and that he’d announce his decision in a "week or so." 

The April 10th NCAA deadline actually only applies to underclassmen who have already declared for the draft.  If those players - Austin Rivers, Kendall Marshall, et al - don’t remove their name by midnight, they forfeit their remaining college eligibility. 

Glad we cleared that up...

That said, there is nothing to keep an underclassman from remaining mute on the subject and then submitting his name on April 28 in compliance with the NBA’s rule.  Declaring their intentions prior to the NCAA’s April 10 deadline is nothing more than a courtesy we’re sure most fans appreciate.

DECISIONS, DECISIONS, DECISIONS...(Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
This may shock you, but the NCAA buggered this up assuming the NBA would conform to this new, earlier deadline. It really isn’t the NBA’s problem, and we wonder if the Suits In Indianapolis (Formerly Kansas) bothered to talk to them about the new earlier deadline?  

While it might be difficult to get the NBA’s player’s union to agree on more eligibility restrictions, this doesn’t seem like something they (or anyone else) would be opposed to even if it is only a luxury for college coaches (and fan bases) who don’t want to sit in limbo for a month or two wondering who’s going and who’s staying. 

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