Friday, April 20, 2012

Quote Of The Day

"Insurance, is a good thing."

Carleton Tinker, whose son Carson is the Alabama long-snapper, who somehow accidentally broke the Tide’s BCS trophy last weekend prompting head coach Nick Saban to say “Look, he didn't mean to do it. Nobody was hurt. We'll get another one.”

Obviously, Tinker was mortified by the incident which now haunts his dreams, but the entire Tinker family is already laughing about the now famous incident, and after what happened to them last year it’s easy to se why.

The Tinker family has a very clear understanding about what is important in life after what they endured last year. 

Last April when a massive tornado ripped through Tuscaloosa killing 53 people including Carson’s girlfriend Ashely Harrison.  The two were huddled in a closet when the storm picked them up and hurled them into a nearby field.  Carson suffered a variety of injuries but the woman he expected to marry did not survive.  Carson’s comeback from the disaster got him nominated for the 2011 Discover Courage Award by the Football Writers Assoc. of America.  (Clemson’s Ray Ray McElrathbey won the award in 2006).

A year later after his son won the National Championship and he is credited with destroying the trophy. The Tinkers say their faith in God is stronger than ever.

The senior trophy-breaking Tinker told ESPN:  “One of the things that we said is that we were really going to take everything in and enjoy all of it, the good and the bad. That’s what you do...”

To read more about the Tinker’s misadventures and their reaction to same, click here

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