Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Canes Looking For A Few Good Men

Right on their own campus...

Evidently, the Miami football coaching staff posted fliers around campus this spring, searching for walk-on offensive linemen in the current student body.

The flier calls for "any student that is 6'1 and 230+ pounds" interested in jointing the football team to contact an athletic department staff member.

Some critics have used the flier as an opportunity to take a shot at the 
Hurricanes' football program, prompting head coach Al Golden to say: 

"I think it's laughable that people are making a big deal about that. Every football program in the country looks for walk-ons from the student body. The hope is that you find one or two that help us. It's an easy target, and people want to make fun of it, that's fine."

Earlier this week, the Denver Post's Woody Paige was one of those critics on ESPN's Around The Horn. Paige said the Hurricanes were in "deep trouble" and added that "you wouldn't beat anybody" with a 230-pound offensive lineman.

We’d call that a typical over-reaction. We doubt Golden is looking for starters, but role players for practice.  If the Hurricanes can turn up a kid who can play a few downs, so much the better. 

Some say cultivating the student body in search of walk-ons is just Miami preparing for the future. The Canes have already self-imposed one postseason ban because of the ongoing NCAA investigation into the Nevin Shapiro scandal. If and when the NCAA imposes their own penalties on the program, a scholarship reduction is likely.

"I'm not a politician," Golden said. "I'm not really looking for public approval. We're trying to find people in the student body that can help us."

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