Thursday, March 22, 2012

UNC Fan Thinks Kelly Surgery Is Fake

Does this sound a little bit familiar...?

We’ve received a lot of email over the years. Some of it nice. Some of it not-so-nice. But I don’t know if we’ve ever received an email quite like the one that popped into the inbox at 12:49 a.m. today.

The individual who wrote T.A.H. – whose name we’re withholding to protect the guilty – claimed that North Carolina invented Kendall Marshall’s injury Duke invented the surgery on Ryan Kelly’s foot so that the Tar Heels Duke could remain in the news and overshadow N.C. State  North Carolina’s appearance in the Sweet 16.

SUBJECT: Marshall’s Kelly's wrist foot injury surgery
Dear Mr. T.A.H.:

Did you actually see a doctor cut the wrist Kelly’s foot??? How many times has UNC Duke played this card during the years??? You and I know there is no doubt Marshall will play this weekend that the Devils lost to lowly Lehigh.  Roy Coach K knew that NC State was in the NCAA Tournament a #15 seed hadn’t beaten a #2 seed for the first time since the Titanic sunk, and lo and behold, the Pack was Tar Heels are in the sweet 16.  Roy Coach K knew the media would be all over the Wolfpack North Carolina and he was not going to let that happen.  We all know it is only about the Heels Coach K and the Blue Devils.  So excuse me if do not believe the story...How is Barnes River’s ankle??? Roy Coach K cried all year about that and he was 1st team ACC. I think the league should start fining the Heels Blue Devils for these false reports.


No, thank you!

Uncanny isn't it?

*Items in italics may not be true. 

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