Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tweet Of The Day

(Robert Willett/Raleigh News & Observer)
“It’s official, Im screwed”

Kendall Marshall after the surgery that inserted a screw into his broken scaphoid bone in his right wrist.

Regarding talking about Marshall’s availability in St. Louis, Roy Williams said last night on his radio show, "That's just a bunch of waste of time.”

That said, a few moment later he followed up with, "My guess, and it's purely a guess, is Kendall will not play...But we really don't know anything."

Regarding the surgery, Ol’ Roy said, “They felt like everything was as good as it could be on the scaphoid bone. The break, the fracture … was at a point where it does get better blood supply than other parts of the bone, and it went really, really well.”

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