Friday, March 23, 2012

Things That Make You Go...

(Bruce Siceloff/Raleigh News & Observer)

...and not in a good way.

A Raleigh News and Observer reporter was traveling in Indiana and came upon a billboard for New Zealand-based Jubberich Consulting, a company that offers overseas educational and employment opportunities.

This would not have been any particular big deal in a country full of billboards, but this one included a photograph of Eve Carson.

Carson was the president of the UNC student body who was murdered in 2008.

Carson was abducted as she stepped out of her Chapel Hill home in the predawn hours of March 5, 2008. Prosecutors say her abductors drove her to ATMs, where they withdrew cash from her account.
Carson’s body was found near dawn on the street of a Chapel Hill neighborhood about a mile from her home. She had been shot four times with a handgun and once with a shotgun.

(UNC Photo)
Two men – Laurence Alvin Lovette Jr. and Demario James Atwater – are serving life sentences for the death.

It’s unclear how many billboards in India – or anywhere else – show the Carson photograph. The same image has appeared in many news accounts since 2008.

It’s also impossible to know how Carson’s image ended up on the company’s signs. Was it an intentional act or was it randomly lifted from the Internet.

When first contacted, a company representative in India wasn’t helpful claiming she had no knowledge of the billboard. Considering the size and scope of both India and the company, that may well be true.
According to the Wall Street Journal this morning, Jubeerich said it has taken steps to take down the boards.

“I’ve already given the directions to take off those billboards,” Justy Mathews, a director of the company told India Real Time over the phone from Kochi, Kerala.

THE EVE CARSON CUBE (Brandonwu via Flickr)
Mathews said the billboards had been prepared by a contractor and that he was not aware of how the contractor got the picture. He said he had no idea where the contractor was now.

Evidently, India and other countries pay little heed to U.S. copyright laws.

Mathew has published an apology to Ms. Carson’s family and other people on his website. “Being a truthful, honest and God fearing Christian, I will never ever be even able to think of using the image of a slain innocent girl in any which way even in my widest (sic) dreams, for what ever reasons, by knowing the entire facts and history, intentionally.”


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