Monday, March 19, 2012

Surgery Likely For Marshall?

UNC point guard Kendall Marshall, who broke his right scaphoid bone in the Tar Heels' win over Creighton in Greensboro on Sunday, is likely to have surgery on Monday morning.

According to ESPN, Dr. Christopher Sforzo, a Florida-based orthopedic surgeon who works extensively with professional tennis players, said there are basically two options for Marshall -- immediate surgery, which would stabilize the wrist and give Marshall a chance to play, or to play with a cast.
THE FATEFUL PLAY (Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
"It's a roll of the dice either way," Sforzo said. "But they're going to have to make a decision by (Sunday night) or in the morning. If he's going to have surgery, it would have to be first thing in the morning."

Dennis Marshall, Kendall's father, told on Sunday night that his son would have surgery Monday morning to insert a screw in the injured wrist.

Scaphoid fractures are common, especially involving a fall, and treatment depends on where the break is, Sforzo said.

"If he wanted to play, it would be difficult with a cast and he'd risk that the bone could move and then he'd need surgery," Sforzo said. "And it would be painful. I wouldn't say it would be heroic for him to play under those circumstances, but it would be very difficult."

A team spokesman said they would put a cast on Marshall's hand Sunday night, "mostly for his comfort."

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