Friday, March 16, 2012

Southern Miss Band Members Inappropriate And Geographically Incorrect

RODRIGUEZ #13 (Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Not too much exciting happened in yesterday's games...There was horrible officiating in the Syracuse v. UNC Asheville game, the defending National Champions lost, VCU won and there was on one "last possession" game.  A bit of a yawn.

That said, leave it to some college kids to make the wrong kind of news on a otherwise slow news day.

Perhaps taking inspiration from the Cameron Crazies, members of the University of Southern Mississippi band thought they would come up with some clever chants for their school’s NCAA tournament game on Thursday against Kansas State.

So,  after point guard Angel Rodriguez was fouled late in the first half of the second-round game, a few band members showered the freshman with cries of "where's your green card?"


Not a mistake the diverse and clever Blue Devil fans would have made...

Needless to say it was seen as racist and Southern Miss president Martha Saunders quickly apologized for the incident after the game.  Although, she mispelled Rodriguez name with an extra “q,” she said all the right things.  MSU later corrected the spelling.

Now, here is the really embarrassing part for those Southern Miss band kids.  Rodriguez was born in Puerto Rico and thus a U.S. citizen.  He grew up and played high school ball in Miami.


K-State got the last laugh, winning the game 70-64.

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