Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Quotes Of The Day

BENNETT (Grant Halverston/Getty Images)
Virginia head coach Tony Bennett on how thankful he is to not be playing Thursday…

“Yeah, I think just as you said, the extra day is important; the rest, and to finish in that spot certainly is important. So very thankful to again be in this spot. You know, had it not been this case, you just get ready and you play. But whatever you can get to this point in the year with a smaller team or an extra rotation, an extra day can make a difference. 

Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski on whether his teams are engrained to excel at the ACC Tournament…

“No, no. Each group is different. We've had obviously great success in winning 10 of the last 13 and three in a row. But each team is different. We just try to do our best there, and we think it's a great, great tournament, and it's a celebration of our conference, and we've won some close games in it, which put us in a position to then play for a championship on Sunday afternoon on a number of occasions. And then we've won a lot of those occasions. We just think it's an important event before you go to the next even more important event, which is the NCAA tournament."

HAMILTON (Grant Halverston/Getty Images)
Florida State head coach Leonard Hamilton on the importance of the ACC Tournament compared to the regular season…

“I value we value both of them. We think the regular season is just as or more important, or equally as important from that standpoint because it's an excellent measure as to where you are. But on a national basis, the team that plays well in the tournament are the teams that get the automatic bids to the NCAA tournament, so quite naturally it's extremely important. The only reason why I think that mindset would creep into the process is that so many of the teams in the ACC have played so well over the years, and they've always been qualified to go to the NCAA tournament that maybe they didn't have to worry about what they did. 

North Carolina head coach Roy Williams on NCAA Tournament seeding…

“Well, we feel that we have done a pretty good body of work throughout the course of the whole season, and we'll have to wait and see where we are seeded. Right now our focus people may not believe, this but our focus is on playing well in the ACC Tournament. And we'll talk about the NCAA Tournament after we finish playing the ACC Tournament. But I do think our body of work all year has put us in a pretty good position. 

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