Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dear Mr. Snyder

(Justin Edmunds/Getty Images)
John Elway really is a GENIUS...just thought YOU should know.

Elway’s Denver Broncos successfully LANDED Peyton Manning while our beloved Skins resigned Rex Grossman.

Do you see the SIMILARITY here?


Good, because there is NONE.

The Broncos got a Hall of Fame quarterback and set the stage to rid themselves of a mediocre fan favorite all in one SWOOP.  We’re guessing that Elway and Manning had that HOF QB to HOF QB conversation and eventually Elway said, “Dude, you have to help me GET RID of this Tebo kid...he’s setting QB play back a century.”

(Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
On the other hand, we get an UNPROVEN, albeit spectacularly talented RG3, and the when the Shannigan-hans declare he’s not READY to start next season, they will once again endeavor to prove they are QB EXPERTS by claiming Rex gives the Redskins “the BEST chance of winning.”

And, perhaps he will...until he throws that BACK-BREAKING interception...

Which he WILL...

In EVERY game...

Just sayin’...

Your Loyal Fan

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