Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dear Mr. Snyder

(Joey Foley/Getty Images)
You KNOW what to do.

Get out the checkbook and start WRITING.

Don’t worry if Peyton Manning isn’t 100% HEALTHY, even at 75% he’s better than MOST quarterbacks in the league.  

By our sophisticated CALCULATIONS, a 42% healthy Manning is BETTER than Rex Grossman and a 9% healthy he’s better than John... um... John...WHAT is that other QBs last name?  No matter.

So tell Coach Shenaniganhan, that in spite of his BELIEF that he MADE John Elway into a Hall Of Fame quarterback and that John Whats-His-Name REALLY was an NFL quarterback,  he really needs to make NICE with Peyton.
WHO IS THIS? (Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

Then BLOW all your draft choices to get Robert Griffin III and then sit back and ENJOY the madness!

What could POSSIBLE go wrong?

Your Loyal Fan

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