Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dear Mr. Snyder

WILLIAMS  (Bill Haber/AP Photo)
Remember back when Joe Gibbs walked away from you and his beloved Washington Redskins (and, really, who could BLAME him?).  There was a fair amount of BUZZ about hiring then-defensive coordinator Greg Williams as the new head coach...

Well, here’s something we thought we’d NEVER say: Well, thank goodness you hired Jim Zorn.

Williams is in some deep kimchi and Redskins might be next on the NFL’s CRIME docket. Williams met Monday with NFL investigators looking into a BOUNTY system he ran in New Orleans.

Commissioner Roger Goodell did not attend the meeting.

Williams was summoned to New York after apologizing for and ADMITTING to overseeing the program the last three seasons with a pool that reached as high as $50,000. Payoffs were made for inflicting game-ending INJURIES on targeted players.

Some Redskins are denying they had a bounty saying they had a fine/bonus system for legitimate plays.  Former coach Gibbs and your boy Vinny Cerrato both say they had NO knowledge of any kind of bounty system.


Batten down the hatches, trouble is coming, and we don’t mean the NFL draft...

Evidently...according to various news sources....you could not be reached for comment.  (Well done, there.)

Your Loyal Fan

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