Thursday, February 16, 2012

Former ACC Rookie Of The Year Latest To Leave Maryland

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According to the Washington Post, Maryland quarterback Danny O’Brien and two other players — offensive lineman Max Garcia and linebacker Mario Rowson — are leaving the football program.

The Terps, and new head coach Randy Edsall, part company with the 2010 ACC Rookie of the Year just three days after landing five-star wide receiver prospect Stefon Diggs of Good Counsel.

O’Brien’s departure brings the number to 12 players with eligibility remaining to leave since season’s end.  In all, 24 players have left the program for various reasons since Edsall was hired in January 2011.

Among departed players, the most noteworthy is O’Brien, a third-year sophomore who garnered attention during Maryland’s 9-4 season in 2010, and because of what those close to him described as his tireless work ethic and appetite for film work.  The two starting offensive tackles have also left town.

In a statement released by Maryland, Edsall said that he is “disappointed” by O’Brien’s decision to leave the program and that “Danny told me that he is not committed to our program, that he is not ‘all in.’ I want what’s best for all of our players. Danny wants a fresh start elsewhere. I wish him well.”


For more on what this means over in College Park, click here. 

(Editor's Note: It's tough times over in Terpville, but we believe Edsall will find success in the long-run.  Everybody loved Ralph, so anybody coming in was going to negotiate stormy seas.  Edsall's personality and style have made it harder for players recruited by the easy-going Fridge to adjust. Imagine Bobby Knight going to Texas Tech without the benefit of all those National Champions (not to mention sorting out a roster of 15 not 65 "student athletes.")  Some kids thrive under the strong discipline systems of coaches like K, Knight or Edsall.  Smart kids, parents and coaches figure out who will thrive in the system prior to accepting a scholarship, but that doesn't help those that are at a school who hires a new coach with a dramatically different style.  Such is the case in College Park, look for additional fallout as those who can't function under the Edsall system depart.  We surmise that the new kids coming in will be better suited to his style thus increasing the likelihood of future success.)

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