Saturday, January 7, 2012

T.A.H. On Sabbatical

Yeah, we know we just got back from a holiday vacation, but this is a little different. T.A.H.’s editor and publisher are headed off to Haiti on a mission trip with the local Rotary Club and the Presbyterian Church.  (The link under the photo takes you to Pastor Carrie's blog about the trip.)

We are going to Terrier Rouge, Haiti to help a school and an orphanage there.

Evidently, Sean Penn can’t do it all himself and really does take a village.  Why not join the village?

So we have gotten all our vaccinations, taken our malaria pills and packed according to the instructions of former missionaries....What could possibly go wrong?

Terrier Rouge is in northeast Haiti and a good poke from the earthquake devastated areas around Port Au Prince, but it still remains one of the poorest regions in the world.  Unemployment is at a staggering 85% and simple things like utilities, while available in some places, are still hard to come by...Don't stand around waiting for the trash pick up or pizza delivery...

Needless to say, WiFi is not a Haitian priority.

We will be back on line on Monday, January 16.

Don’t panic, you will be fine.  The ACC has no dog in any remaining bowl fights and the hoops’ regular season is just getting started.

When we return, we will post info on how you to can help the people of Haiti working hard to help themselves.

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