Thursday, December 8, 2011

Whatever Happened to Mike McQueary?

Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary found himself in the news as much or more than Jerry Sandusky when the Penn State child sex abuse scandal broke.  McQueary’s testimony to the grand jury led one to believe that he did not stop Sandusky when he encountered the now infamous shower incident.

McQueary, facing death threats, then led various media outlets to believe that he did break up the incident prior to retreating to his office to contemplate his next move. An assertion law enforcements, perhaps covering their own negligence or unwillingness to take on the PSU-Joe Paterno football machine, now deny.

Temporarily relieved us his duties at Penn State, McQueary has completely disappeared from the news cycle.  

A search run yesterday revealed no new news since November 20.  The graph depicts the level of interest and then non-interest. 

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