Saturday, December 10, 2011

Things That Make You Go...

(Michael Albans/AP Photo)

A man walks into a bar. Not just any man or any bar, but the T.A.H. Worldwide Media mogul Publisher and Editor.  After a nice dinner out with friends, we adjourned to the bar for an after dinner drink and there on the television was a college football game.

Nothing terribly odd about that, but it is late in the season, the bowl games are set, all that’s left is Army  v. Navy and it’s Friday night…

What gives?

We check out the score, and we see that Montana is throttling Northern Iowa.  Down at the bottom of the screen we see this word “quarterfinals.”

What is this word “quarterfinals?”

What does it mean?

In basketball, we know that quarterfinal is the round of eight remaining teams in the NCAA basketball tournament that annually determines the National Champion.  But, there is no tournament in NCAA college football, and according to the B.C.S. and the Suits In Indianapolis (Formerly Kansas), a FBS football playoff is simply impossible.

Odd, this quarterfinals…

We will consult with the crack T.A.H. Research Department and get back to you on this quarterfinals mystery later…

Have a nice weekend.  – The Editor.

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