Thursday, November 17, 2011

Things That Make You Go…

Obviously, Tiger Woods and Steve Williams were delighted to see one another at the President’s Cup.

There has been all sorts of back and forth between these two since the World's Greatest Golfer had the World's Greatest Thanksgiving Meltdown with Williams being particularly critical of Woods’ sexual escapades and going so far as to say he’d like to shove a recent award he received up his former boss’s “black a**hole.”  

Williams subsequently apologized, and, to Tiger’s credit, he graciously accepted.

That said, things are still a bit frosty. 

So fast forward to yesterday at Royal Melbourne where Woods and his partner Steve Stricker got clobbered by Williams’ man Adam Scott and K.J. Choi. In the 112 matches of various formats that Woods has played in his professional career, he never had a loss like this one as he and his partner didn’t win a hole and didn’t make a birdie in tying the Presidents Cup record for the worst loss ever, 7 and 6.

“We were just slightly off,” Woods said. “On a golf course like this, it doesn’t take much.”


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