Thursday, November 3, 2011

T.A.H. Hits Weekly High Mark for 2011, Closing In On 500,000

About $1,381.60 U.S.
Today’s ACC Headlines, which started out as a newsletter between friends back in 2005, set a 2011 record for page visits last week as the now six-year-old blog (that’s 30 in newspaper years) steams toward 500,000 visits.

The weekly high for this year came last week when 3,796 fans visited T.A.H.  That number eclipsed the weekly tally of 3,598 which happened the first week of January (bowl games).  Another strong week is the ACC tournament which garnered 3,047.  The all-time weekly high is 6,000 and something – can’t remember exactly and the crack T.A.H. Research Department responded to the inquiry with a memo titled “Dunno.”

Thanks, guy, that’s REALLY helpful.

Total visits since we turned on the counter…sometime in 2005 or 2006 (who knows?)…is, as of this writing, 491,675.  That’s puts us three good weeks from the magic 500,000 visits (which is Joe Pa in newspaper years).  That runs us up to the first week of December, which already enjoys a great cause for celebration (the Editor/Publisher’s birthday, who will be 330 in newspaper years), so be prepared.

You can expect a party.

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