Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Penn State Scandal Update

FREEH (AP Photo)
Freeh At Last…? Former FBI director Louis Freeh, tapped to lead Penn State's investigation into the child sex-abuse allegations against a former assistant football coach, said his inquiry will go as far back as 1975, a much longer period than a grand jury report issued earlier this month.

Freeh was named Monday to oversee the university board of trustees' internal investigation.  His appointment was met with a luke warm response.  While Gov. Tom Corbett called Freeh's selection "a good one," critics point out a number of failures during Freeh’s tenure at the FBI – failing to bring the agency into the computer age prior to 911, botching the espionage case against Wen Ho Lee and wrongly naming Richard Jewell as the main suspect in the Atlanta Olympic bombing. 

After his time at the FBI, Freeh also did work for credit card giant MBNA, which has business relationships with Penn State and its alumni association. But a spokeswoman for Freeh's investigation said in a statement that work would not compromise the probe.

Freeh founded an investigation firm, Freeh Group International Solutions, after leading the FBI from 1993 to 2001. He previously served six years as a special agent.

On the plus side, Freeh's law firm was hired to look into the bribery case involving FIFA's presidential election. In a corruption scandal, soccer's governing body banned candidate Mohamed bin Hammam for life for bribing voters, banned 11 Caribbean soccer leaders and disciplined others.

Authorities say Sandusky, who retired from Penn State in 1999, met the children through The Second Mile, a youth charity that he started in 1977. By going back as far as 1975, Freeh's investigation would cover the entire time The Second Mile has existed and 24 of the 30 years that Sandusky worked at Penn State.

Idiots On Parade…When kids do stupid stuff, you can frequently trace it back to parents doing stupid stuff and in this case we point the finger straight back at mom and dad…or just mom…or just dad…or mom and mom…or whatever, you get the point.

Victim 1, from the Jerry Sandusky Grand Jury report, has left Central Mountain High School due to intense bullying.  Seems his classmates want to blame him for the downfall of Joe Paterno et al.

The mother of the now-17-year-old boy told ABC news that his classmates blame him for triggering the sexual abuse scandal that has rocked PSU just 30 miles southeast of the school.

While it seems that the school acted quickly and appropriately (unlike Penn State) when they found out about the 2009 incident, it also seems that school administrators would be on high alert and brandishing a zero-tolerance policy regarding Victim 1.

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