Sunday, November 20, 2011

Penn State Scandal Update

This just in from the blog Dr. Saturday:

A well-meaning promotion by Citizens Bank has taken a turn for the racy in light of the Penn State child sex abuse scandal that has rocked the campus and the community.

For every game this season, Citizens Bank, a Penn State sponsor, has passed out buttons with clever slogans that relate to the Nittany Lions upcoming opponent. However, Citizens Bank canceled the promotional buttons for the Ohio State and Wisconsin games for fear that they might be misconstrued by the closet 13-year-old in all of us.

The button for the Ohio State game reads: "Much Ado About Nuttin'." For Wisconsin: "Brie 'em to Their Knees."

Unfortunately for Citizens Bank, several buttons in the collection fall under the double entendre umbrella with the scandal in the forefront. Those included, "Forrest Thump" for the season opener against the Indiana State Sycamores; "All Quiet in the Eastern Front" for the game against Eastern Michigan; and "Stifle the Nois" for the game against Illinois.

Can't really blame Citizens Bank for the unfortunate play on words, though. The buttons were printed long before news of the Penn State scandal surfaced.

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