Friday, November 11, 2011

Penn State Odds And Ends

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The Media: The real media (not these silly blogs) keeps referring to it as the Penn State sex scandal.  Shouldn’t it be the “Penn State rape scandal?” What’s the point of soft-peddling it now?

John Thompson and Rick “Doc” Walker:  Both agreed on Thompson’s radio show that the course of non-action taken by Paterno and the fact that they continued to allow Sandusky access to Penn State was so unbelievable and so illogical that only one conclusion could be drawn:  Sandusky had some serious dirt on Paterno, and if Paterno blew the whistle, Sandusky was going to take Joe Pa down…

Mr. Tony: Not Kornheiser, but our local Mr. Tony called for Penn State to “shelve their football program, effective immediately, for five years. Let the players transfer.”  We disagree.  Simply put, the institution as an institution did nothing wrong, the leaders of the institution are guilty of wrong doing.  As importantly, and maybe more so depending on one’s perspective, the current players, some of the coaches, the trainers, all the other football program employees, the cheerleaders, the students, the fans,  the alums and the boosters did nothing wrong.  Why punish everybody?  How about starting an assistance fund for the victims and making Penn State football donate $1 million a year for five or ten years?
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While it seems unlikely that the Suits In Indianapolis (Formerly Kansas) will take any action claiming they don’t enforce the law just the NCAA’s rules, it would make sense for them to remove the transfer restrictions for Penn State’s current scholarship football players.

Speaking of the NCAA and Penn State:  One of the NCAA’s favorites is “lack of institutional control.”  That’s almost funny.  Almost.

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