Wednesday, November 30, 2011

FSU Sod Cemetary Gets New Entry Thanks To Punter

The blog "Dr. Saturday" shares this gem:

Florida State punter Shawn Powell had nine punts for 400 yards against Florida at The Swamp last week in a game that set college football back to the leather helmet days, but that's not what the ACC Special Teams Player of the Week will be telling his children years from now.
No, Powell has a much better memory from that game, one that includes sod, scissors and security.

As the final seconds ticked down on Florida State's 21-7 win over Florida, Powell sprinted to the south end zone of Florida's field, took a knee in the F, whipped out a pair of scissors and began cutting a piece of turf from Florida's end zone.

Unfortunately for Powell, he picked the end zone closest to the Florida locker room and was quickly spotted by security who accosted him and foiled his plan.

Or did they?

THE SOD CEMETERY (Click here for more)
"The guy started cussing at me, but he's a Gator fan so what do I care?" Powell told the St. Petersburg Times. "I was going to get the F, but he pushed me away so I went to the other side of the field and grabbed some."

So what did Powell, who was dubbed the "Sod Captain," need the grass for? Florida State's Sod Cemetery

The cemetery is made up of sod from some of Florida State's greatest victories and grass from victorious road games in which Florida State is an underdog, away games against Florida, ACC championship games and bowl games.

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