Friday, November 11, 2011

Blow Up Of The Da(l)y

(AP Photo)
Big John Daly strikes again and not in a good way.

Playing in Thursday’s Australian Open on a sponsor's exemption, Big John lost his cool and probably wore out his down under welcome.

After knocking his ball into a bunker on the 10th hole, Daly inadvertently hit the wrong ball out of the sand -- a RANGE ball.  Musta been one heck of a "fried egg." That’s a one-stroke penalty and the precursor to a meltdown.

Obviously frustrated (at least in hindsight) with the penalty, Daly promptly his first shot in the water at the par-5 11th hole.  No problem, right? It’s not like the big-swinging lovable dysfunctional oaf hasn’t ever hit a drive off course before.

That said, Daly promptly hit six more balls into the water. For a brief moment, it turned into a real-life "Tin Cup" moment.

The only problem was that unlike Kevin Costner's character in the movie, Ol’ Crazy Pants hit his seventh, and, what turned out to be his final, ball on the green. It too found the water.  Game over.

Daly immediately shook the hands of playing partners Hunter Mahan and Craig Perry  and stormed off the course.

TEAM DALY (Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)
Needless to say tournament organizers who granted Daly the free pass to play and the Australian PGA officials were not amused. 

Trevor Herden, the tournament director for the Australian Open said, "I would say this would be the last time we see John Daly.”

Brian Thorburn, CEO of PGA of Australia, made it clear that Daly shouldn't even bother hanging around to play the Australian PGA Championship, on a special invitation, in two weeks.

"The PGA does not need this kind of behavior tarnishing the achievement of other players and the reputation of our tournaments. John is not welcome in Coolum," Thorburn said in a statement.

Which begs the question: Do they have Hooters in Australia?

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