Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bet The House

EDSALL (Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Here are two items that typically insure something (usually the opposite) is about to happen.

On Tuesday, Syracuse University Chancellor Nancy Cantor gave embattled coach Jim Boeheim a vote of confidence saying “Coach Boeheim is our coach.…We’re very pleased with what he said Sunday night, and we stand by it.”

If history repeats itself, which it has a nasty habit of doing, Boeheim will be gone in a week or two.

Meanwhile over in College Park, also somewhat embattled, coach Randy Edsall is the subject of coaching rumors in the NFL.  When asked about rumors that he may be headed to the Jacksonville Jaguars, Edsall said, “The only job that I am worried about, and the job that I have got all my heart and soul and attention on, is Maryland.”

When asked directly if he is committed to Maryland for the long haul, Edsall said, “Absolutely. There is no question about that.”

That said, expect a press conference within days announcing his sad (I love these kids) departure. 

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