Thursday, November 3, 2011

ACC Football Schedule

Thursday, Nov 3
FLORIDA STATE (-16) @ BOSTON COLLEGE, 8:00 PM, TV: ESPN, (Sirius 91//XM 91) – The Noles will win because they are…um…what’s the word we’re looking for?...oh yeah, better.  The Noles are better.  They win.  That’s it.
Saturday, Nov 5
NORTH CAROLINA (-6) @ N.C. STATE, 12:30 PM, TV: ACC Network, (Sirius 136//XM 191) – N.C. State has had the Tar Heels number for four straight.  Was it all of them, or just now transferred Russell Wilson? If UNC loses, Everett Wither’s head might explode.  T.A.H. in Raleigh for the game.  That said, don’t expect any additional coverage.  Blame the tailgate.

VIRGINIA (-2.5) @ MARYLAND, 12:30 PM, TV: ACC Network, (Sirius 134//XM 197) – We’re not saying it look like the Terps have quit on new task master Randy Edsall, but it looks like the Terps have quit on new task master Randy Edsall…Just sayin’.

DUKE @ MIAMI (-14), 3:00 PM, TV: RSN, (Sirius 92//XM 190) – It would seem impossible that Miami could be so inconsistent that they could let the Blue Devils sneak into their half-empty stadium and upset them…

Notre Dame (Golden Domers, 11,773 students, South Bend, IN) (-13.5) @ WAKE FOREST, 8:00 PM, TV: ABC/ESPN2,  (Sirius 92//XM 190) – Notre Dame has also been inconsistent, but if they hold on to the ball they have too many weapons to make a Deacon upset likely.  One can always hope…

*Point spreads for recreational purposes only.

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