Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy Wallstreet Punked By Game Day Fan, Beamer Takes Hit

So, as we have been looking to figure out the whole Occupy Wall Street protest and whether or not a twenty-something dressed like Marie Antoinette really knows jack you-know-what about economic policies, we have been forced to draw a few conclusions about the participants.

We surmise, they are self-disenfranchised citizens frustrated with big corporations and the get rich at all costs mentality that lead to the latest economic meltdown.  That said, they should never go to China where the most popular English phrase is "Me gets my money first, screw you."

However, it would seem the overwhelming majority of the “protestors” appear to be college kids, unemployed young people, leftover hippies and one ESPN College Game Day fan.  

How do we know this?  Easy, the Game Day guy sticks out like a sore “protestor”...

Yes, this lone ESPN College Gameday fan has taken hilarious signs into Occupy Wall Street in an attempt to “Occupy Herbstreit.”
ESPN's College Gameday -- featuring analyst Kirk Herbstreit -- goes around the country to school campuses for the biggest game of the week and shows off different fans, signs, and school alums.

The unnamed fan -- who started an Occupy Herbstreit tumblr account -- took pictures of himself holding signs one of which poked fun at the Hokies notorious lightwieght non-conference schedule at the now weeks-long protest in Lower Manhattan.

Various media outlets have sent a messages to the owner's Twitter account and email listed on the tumblr account, but, so far, no responses.

Here are a few of the best photos from the tumblr account:
You gotta admit, even if you are a Bama fan, that's kinda funny...
Still lookin' for the employed Econ majors and MBAs... 
Does she look qualified to make economic policy....? Just sayin'...

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