Thursday, October 13, 2011

Johnson Gets Good Guy Award Of The Week

(Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
This week’s good guy  award has to go to Paul Johnson.

The Terp’s senior left tackle Andrew Gonnella suffered a nasty knee injury in the game last weekend against the Yellow Jackets.  On Sunday, Johnson and the GT AD Dan Radakovich went to visit the injured Terp at the Grady Medical Center in Atlanta.

“We just wanted to go by and make sure he had what he needed,” Johnson said. “I left him my cell number. His dad was there, I didn’t get to meet his dad. He was outside on a phone call. You feel for guys when they get hurt anytime. He may be the first guy we’ve had since I’ve been here that had to stay over in the hospital. That’s something you would want to do. I think that their guys would do that for our guys if they were left behind. I’m sure they would. More than anything I just wanted him to have my cell number in case he needed anything. We’re right here close by and could help him out.”

The Maryland senior left guard returned to campus on Monday night, but then returned to a local hospital with a blood clot on Tuesday night.

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