Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Clemson Revises Historical Claim

Yesterday we pointed out that Clemson was the first ACC team to defeat three ranked opponents in a row. We said this, because Clemson said this.  Now they are “clarifying” their point.

Following Clemson's upset of Virginia Tech, the Tiger’s sports information department said they were the first school in ACC history to defeat three straight ranked opponents. So far, so good.

Now they have issued a clarification:

"Further research has uncovered an instance when the University of Maryland defeated three straight Top 25 opponents who were ranked in at least one of the two major polls. In 1984, Maryland defeated Miami (No. 6 in AP, No. 6 in UPI), Clemson (No. 20 in AP, unranked in UPI) and Virginia (ranked No. 17 in UPI, unranked in AP) on consecutive weekends, Nov. 10-24. Virginia was not ranked in the AP poll entering that last game. The ACC media guide only lists games against AP ranked teams and that is how this was missed."*

Seems like a legit error and in no way should it diminish the accomplishment of defeating three ranked opponents in a row.

Somewhere, there is a Maryland fan who still lives in his mother's basement doing an ACC sports blog saying, "I told you so, man. The Terps so did that in '84...Like that Ross dude was coach and they finished 9-3...And Franch Reich led that crazy comeback against Miami...Who doesn't know this stuff?"

The SID department at Clemson, that's who.

Clemson is good, and if there still was a UPI poll they be in the top ten there as well…

*In this case, items in italics are believed to be true, or, at the very least, accurately reported.

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