Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Clemson And The BCS

(Robert Willett/Raleigh News & Observer)
The latest BCS Standings:
1) LSU 8-0, 2) Alabama 8-0, 3) Oklahoma State 8-0, 4) Boise State 7-0

5) CLEMSON 8-0

6) Stanford 7-0, 7) Oregon 6-1, 8) Kansas State 7-0, 9) Oklahoma 6-1, 10) Arkansas 6-1, 11) Michigan 6-1, 


13) South Carolina 6-1, 14) Nebraska 6-1 and 15) Wisconsin 6-1

Texas Tech and Michigan State did Clemson a favor by knocking out Oklahoma and Wisconsin.  Now, if the Sooners defeat Oklahoma State, that just leaves Boise State in front of Clemson if the Tigers can win out.  Obviously, either LSU or Alabama will no longer be unbeaten come Sunday.

(Scott Halleran/Getty Images)
That said, this may be the Broncos year for a shot at the BCS title.  The remaining teams on their schedule are UNLV (1-5), TCU (5-2), San Diego State (4-2), Wyoming (4-2) and New Mexico (0-7).  Only the Horned Frogs are likley to give Boise State much of a game...

According to ESPN's Stats & Info department:  
  • This is Clemson’s first-ever week in the top five of the BCS standings.
  • The Tiger’s previous best was No. 7, which occurred last week and also on October 22, 2000.
  • Clemson is 8-0 for just the fourth time in school history (1948, 1981, 2000, 2011).
  • However, the Tigers could be on upset alert next week when they take on Georgia Tech. The last time Clemson started 8-0, in 2000, the Tigers also beat the Tar Heels to improve to 8-0, before losing to Georgia Tech the next week. They finished that year 9-3.
  • Do-oh!

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